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May 12, 2016

The Amazing Hot Heart Massager

This product is a fluid filled, heart-shaped packet with an internal disk that, when snapped, causes the packet to heat up. This allows you to use it for many things such as massage, or as a hot pack for aches and pains. You can also cool it off by putting it in the fridge to get cold for massages, or even use it as a cold pack for swelling. This also works great in the winter when you need a hand warmer on colder days/nights, and is great for women who need a hot pad for menstrual cramps. I get migraines and I use this a lot!
Mine is a pink color and is shaped like a heart which is so cute. It is reusable, so no more buying those burst-and-shake ice packs, heating pads with cords, etc.! This product slowly turns solid with use. So, after it is done throwing out heat, you need to leave the pack in boiling water for ten minutes to get it back to a liquid form, and ready for re-use. I have had this for years and I use it very often, yet it is holding up to the wear and tear of frequent use, which is great!
If you put some massage lotion on it when the pack is either hot or cold, it makes the massage so much better; it really relaxes you, and gets the knots out. It is also great for body sensation play with hot/cold and could be used in place of an ice cube or hot wax for the less adventurous.
I'm sure there are other uses for this product, but that is how I use it. It's for my migraines, menstrual cramps, puffy eyes, swelling, body pains, headaches and as a hand/foot warmer in winter/fall...pretty much for anything you can think of.
I really love this product!
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