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May 31, 2016

Smiley360: Arm & Hammer Baking Soda Campaign

I received my Smiley360 Arm&Hammer Baking Soda in the mail last week, and opened it to find these goodies in the box. 
- a box of arm&hammer baking soda
- a shaker with the arm&hammer logo on it
- a guide for using baking soda at home
- a guide for pool care with baking soda
- a card with mission rules

I can't wait to start using these soon, and will do a blog post/review when I am finished with this mission. 


Stay tuned for more,

May 26, 2016

Crowdtap: Hawaiian Tropic Hydration Sunscreen Lotion

CrowdTap: Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Lotion Sunscreen

I received my Hawaiian Tropic Crowdtap CrowdKit a few days ago at my doorstep. I was surprised to get a full size bottle of the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Lotion Sunscreen SPF 30+. I cannot wait to try this with the spring/summer coming up. I'd love to go swimming at the beach a bit this summer, No one wants skin cancer or hot, itchy sun burns. here's to summer!! 

A review will be up in a bit for this product.
stay tuned for more bloggy goodness,

Too Faced's Fall 2016 Collection Gveaway!!!

Too Faced's Fall 2016 Collection Giveaway

Too faced has a fall collection coming out on June 15th 2016 that is focused on a very cute or kawaii themed items. I love these two items a whole lot right now. 

A palette with stickers

Sketch Eyeliners

And finally.....they are doing a giveaway for the not yet released eyeliners from the maker of Too Faced Cosmetics.  The Giveaway is until May 31st. Get in there and apply for the giveaway. 

Stay tuned for more beauty goodness,

Grav3yardGirl's Special Tarte Palette

Grav3yardGirl's Tarte Palette 

I'm a huge Grav3yardGirl supporter! I love her so. So if you'd like to support her and her baby gators, and give them wings pre-order her palette head here.  I love all the colors and color names! 
If you don't know her, head over here to check out her videos.

Thanks for reading, go check out that palette. 

Fotd: May 21st 2016

Face of the day for may 21st 2016.

I felt pretty!

Currently reading: May/June 2016

Currently reading zom-b for May/June 2016.

May 19, 2016

Trying a new mask!

Trying out this Shea moisture sensitive skin mud mask today. A little pampering for me.

Freeman Beauty: Goji Berry Hydration Face Mask


Freeman Beauty: Goji Berry Hydration Mask Review

This is a review for Freeman Beauty's goji berry hydration mask. This is a face mask that is designed to hydrate, re-balance and soothe stressed and dehydrated skin. It has Goji berry extract, chamomile extract, and avacado oil in it. I got the travel size of the mask which is .5 oz and is good for 2-4 uses. the price is 2.00$ for a travel size packet.
The interesting thing about this mask is the mask is a gel/cream mixture and you put it on your skin, and it sinks in while your wearing it, then you wash off what is left of the mask and your left with soft and silky skin. It does a really good job at hydrating and balancing your skin.
I would re-purchase this mask in the summer and winter to help sunburnt/sun damaged skin, or wind burnt, chapped skin on your face. It is a great Mask! You have to try if you have dry skin.
You can buy it Here!
Stay Hydrated,

Nugg Exfoliating Face Mask

Nugg Exfoliating Face Mask

This face mask is from Nugg beauty, and it comes in a little pod filled with the face mask. You can one pod 2-4 times depending on how much you use, I slather them on to get every inch of my skin covered with the face masks for the best benefits. I got 3 uses out of the one pod. This mask is made for combination skin. This mask exfoliates, smooths, and balances your skin. It is also good for acne prone skin, because it exfoliates the dead skin off your acne bumps, smooths them, and hydrates the bumps, so no scars are left behind.  It has cranberry oil, jojoba oil beads, aloe, and grape oil and 93% natural products in it. It cleanses the oily skin and hydrates the dry skin.
to use you wash your face and dry it, then apply the mask on dry skin, and massage for 30 sec. - 1 min. then leave the mask on your skin for 5-10 mins. wash off. enjoy your skin.
I really love this mask and how great it made my skin feel, it even helped with my acne scars and current acne bumps. It made my skin silky smooth, and awesomely hydrated.
These are also great for traveling as the pod contains enough for a few face masks and is 10 ml or .33 fl oz. And you can get them at your local target for 4.00$. There is also many other masks to choose from if this isn't your thing. You can also purchase them directly from the company at their website.
Their website: Here
or Target online: Here
I love this mask, and recommend it to everyone.
Keep Masking,

May 17, 2016

Freeman Beauty:Golden Grain Brightening Face Mask Review

This is the Freeman Facial Brightening Mask with Golden Grain. This mask is designed for all skin types leaning toward drier skin and is used for brightening, hydrating, upping moisture and firming.  I got the full size 6 0z. tube for 5.00$ on their direct website. It has vitamin c, banana extract,coconut extract, ginger extract, papaya extract, raspberry extract, and sandalwood extract ( Why? I don't know). This is a normal Leave on for 10-20 mins. then wash off mask.
A weird part of the mask is it has golden flecks in it, which looks cool when it's on your skin, it makes your skin glow. but goes away when you wash it off. I'm not sure if it's the "golden grain" or if it's just pigment put into the mask, but it's a nice little add on.
After washing off the mask my skin did feel firmer, more hydrated, and glowy, like my skin was lit from within. It did lighten my acne scars and spots slightly, and with weekly use it might help more. I loved how plump and firm my skin felt.
This mask gets a B, for how my skin felt. but I could do without it. it's a great treat for a spa night/day at home.

Pinch Me: May 2016 Sample Box

Pinch Me: May 2016 Sample Box

Here's everything I got in my Pinch Me Box this month. It was a good box, and I waited and got there on time to get the items in this box.

stay tuned for more boxes and samples,

May 16, 2016

Lush: Bubble Gum Lip Scrub Review

Logo and Fresh Handmade cosmetics

Lush's Bubble Gum Lip Scrub

This is lush's bubble gum lip scrub, it is a sugary sweet bubble gum flavored lip polish to leave your lips kissably soft and smooth. The full size glass jar scrub is 10.00$ for a .8 oz. but it is worth every penny, because after you scrub you can taste and eat a bit of the scrub. There is no need for water, so you can take this traveling with you, just be careful of the glass jar.  It is made with fair trade sugar, jojoba oil, cornstarch, and flavorings. It is always handmade, natural and vegan.
DSCN0658  Here is a picture of the texture and color of it in the pot. It looks like bubblegum in a pot! It's great to use before you apply lip products or any makeup at all, as a spa night/day in, or as a special treat for yourself, after all you deserve it!
I absolutely love this stuff, I love the smell, love the taste of it. Love it so!
I would recommend this to everyone, and if your stopping by lush, pick one up for yourself.
You can pick it up in Lush stores or online at : Here
Stay Smooth,

Eclos: Daily Facial Cleansing Oil Review


Eclos: Daily Facial Cleansing Oil

Eclos is a secondary brand on the freeman beauty company website. The brand is an anti-aging brand with special apple stem cells in it. I got a sample of the daily facial cleansing oil with my purchase of all the face masks from freeman beauty. the full size is  5 oz. for 11.00$. This has ingredients like argan, olive, kukui nut, and sesame oils. This uses oils to cleanse your skin and remove makeup.  it is soap free and doesn't strip your skin of it's necessary oils.
To use you put on a semi-wet or dry face to remove the night's makeup, dirt, and oil. Mix with water and cleanse your face, then wash well with water. Dry and continue with your skin regimen. This works just like other cleansing oils, that are now popular and are used everywhere by everyone.  If you haven't tried one I would try it to easily remove your heavy water-proof makeup at night, with no tugging or pulling your face. It's kind of like Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse.  Here
Its great for balancing, cleansing, and regulating your skin. Can be used by all skin types.
It works similar and just as well as the Dermalogica brand oil.  It can be found at the freeman beauty website Here
stay tuned for more reviews soon,

May 15, 2016

Boscia: Tsubaki Oil Infused Exfoliating Powder Review


Boscia Tsubaki Oil Infused Exfoliating Powder

Full Size(2.11 OZ)
Sample Size
I picked up this sample size in a beauty set I got from Sephora months back. I finally got around to trying the product recently. It is a powder exfoliator you use to exfoliate without the little beads that wreck the environment. It is meant to be used either during cleansing as an add on to exfoliate, or to use after you cleanse to remove dead skin, and polish your skin.
It has ground adzuki beans, rice bran powder, tsubaki oil, jojoba oil/leaf, and willow herb. The grains are soaked/coated in the tsubaki oil and releases when activated with face wash/cleanser or water to get the full benefits of the oil.  The adzuki beans promotes circulation and removes dead skin. The rice bran powder pulls out impurities from pores,helps with absorbing oil, and helps with lines/wrinkles. The tsubaki oil firms,hydrates, has antioxidants, increases collegen, and has omegas 9 and 6 in it. Jojoba oil nourishes the skin.And the willow herb helps with inflammation, redness, and irritation.
After using this my skin was soft as H*ll and smooth as a baby's bottom. My redness and acne spots were less noticeable and pleasantly moisturized and toned. There was no crusty dead skin hanging around my healing acne spots. My skin felt toned, firmer, and moisturized without over stripping or over moisturizing. I love this stuff. I do!
The reason the FDA has removed the little silica(or whatever) beads from face washes and scrubs/body scrubs was the beads were not dissolving and ending up in our lakes,oceans and other body's of water, and was killing marine life,fish,and the environment in general. The should be slowly leaving the scene and other exfoliating ingredients will be used instead of the earth harming ones.
To buy this product you can get it at sephora stores,Sephora,ulta stores,Ulta,online, and at This website!
full size is 36.00$
stay tuned for more beauty coming soon,

Lush: AvoBath Bath Bomb Review

Logo and Fresh Handmade cosmetics

Lush's AvoBath Bath Bomb

I pick one of these up while I was shopping in Vegas, and brought it all the way home to MN. I used it a week or so after I got home and I fell in love with it hardcore.
This bath bomb is 6.3 oz. and is HUGE! you can definitely cut it into fours to use in the bath, but I would cut it in half so you get more of the bath bomby goodness. It has a lemongrass and citrus smell, and it does clear your mind, and kind of energizes you. It contains something like 44 fresh avocados in each bath bomb, extra virgin olive oil, lemongrass oil, bergamont oil, rosewood oil, and gardenia extract. This bath bomb turns your bath an awesome lime green color, and is SUPER moisturizing for you skin.
After I got out of the bath my skin was so moisturized and silky smooth. I loved it. No need for lotion after this bath. I would purchase these in bulk, over and over again. I'm in love with these.
Love it so! A++++++

B&BW: London Tea and Lemon Candle! My Favorite Candle EVER!


Favorite Candle Ever: London Tea & Lemon 

This is my favorite candle ever made! It's the Bath and Body Works London Tea & Lemon scented candle, and it is the best ever. This candle is totally my own personal candle made just for me. I love tea and this candle is THE "SHIT" . It smells like sweet black tea, and a twist of lemony goodness. I love smelling it just when it's sitting open on my bedside table, but I also use a candle warmer to preserve the candle and use it over and over again without burning it. it's great to get the smell of a candle without burning it. Sometimes I do love the light a candle puts off, and I burn it, but rarely do I do it because I want to save the candle and keep it forever, in case they never bring it back.
if anyone got me everything in this scent I would love them forever. This is my favorite candle ever!!

Lush: Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb Review

Lush's Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

The Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb has a citrusy and bergamot smell and many brilliant colors plus a glitter core to help you liven up your bath water. I tried this in a big bath tub in Las Vegas and It was pretty awesome, even with just one bath bomb. The size is 6.4 oz, and this one you can cut into halves but watch out for glitter. It softens your skin, and makes it smell great in the room and on your skin for awhile. I Like it a lot.
I would recommend this to anyone who wants to wake up a bit, or stimulate their brain into thinking with a bath with this bath bomb. It's very uplifting and great for focusing. I would definitely purchase this bath bomb again and again, I think would be a staple for me. A++++++

Velvet 59 Lipgloss:Noisette

Velvet 59 Lipgloss in Noisette

DSCN0676 DSCN0677
This lipgloss is a perfect my lips but better color and is on trend with the 90's makeup look. The lipgloss is smooth, not sticky or gloopy. The color is perfect for me as a MLBB or a perfect nude close to my own lip color, as I don't wear lipstick all the time, I like gloss. It has a good rose smell that I like, some may not like the smell, but it is faint. I'm in love with this gloss right now , it is a favorite now! yay! for re finding favorites in your collection.
You can find it Velvet 59 Gloss <~ here! a full size is 19.00$, But I got mine in an ipsy bag awhile ago.

Lush: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap Review

Logo and Fresh Handmade cosmetics

Lush: Honey I Washed The Kids Soap Review

This soap is a favorite for many lush customers, and people say they absolutely love the smell of this soap. It is a brand favorite, known to many! The soap smells like carmel, toffee, and honey to me.
It is a beige soap, with a darker brown soap honey comb on the top.
This soap has honey, sweet orange oil, bergamot oil, coconut oil, beeswax and aloe in it and it is very moisturizing compared to normal soap. I wash my body with this and the moisture lasts all night and the smell of carmel/toffee/honey lingers on your skin. the lather is good, and I find I get sad when I run out of this soap. :( which is why I buy two slices at a time or buy a block and cut my own pieces.
I have to say I absolutely love this soap soo much, and will purchase it every time I go into a lush store.
I would buy everything in this scent, as I want to literally bathe in it to smell like it. It smells soo good. Love Love Love it!! A++++++++

Sephora Brand: Rose Eye Mask

Sephora brand:Rose Eye Mask

I purchased the rose eye mask and two other masks yesterday at Sephora, and they were 6$ each.  The mask is a fiber sheet mask. The eye mask kinda fits wonky on my small eyes, but I made it work out(picture below). I picked the rose mask for hydrating, moisturizing and brightening my under eye area, as I have under eye circles as dark as they come.
As for results after putting on the mask my under eyes were more moisturized, and my skin was toned and plump from the eye mask. There was a slight brightening of my under eye circles, but nothing drastic. It's great for a pick me up, or an at home spa pampering, but I would use with a good eye cream to help lighten dark circles. It would be great for under eye bags as the mask is very cooling and helps your eyes feel refreshed.

May 13, 2016

Illume Lavish Hand Creme: Cactus Verde Sample Review

I got this hand creme in my March Birchbox in 2014, and I tried it out, I thought I'd review it for everyone. so here we go.
The scent I got was cactus verde which is cassis, sea salt, and wild geranium. The scent is clean and airy, kind of beachy and it is perfect for spring time. I absolutely love this smell, it is soo fresh and makes me think of being outside on a spring day.
The little sample packet contains .34oz  which is enough for a few times of trying it out. It is made by illume candles, and is made locally for me in minneapolis, mn.  It contains nourishing and hydrating coconut, mango, cocoa, jojoba, and avacado oils. It is paraben-free and 100% natural.  It also isn't tested on animals and isn't made with animal ingredients.
I love this stuff and probably will be purchasing a full size of this product either on birchbox to get points or through the illume website. a full size tube of this stuff is 20.00$ for 3.5oz.
can be found at :
Have you tried this? do you love it? let me know.
and until next time people, Stay Lovely
<3 Ash <3

Boscia: Green Tea Blotting Linens

Here is a review for the Boscia green tea blotting papers. I have combo/oily skin in the spring/summer months and I get shiny from sweating and creating oil on my face, so these are a life saver. I personally could not live without blotting cloths. They absorb shiny grease and oil on your face, and help with acne prone skin throughout the day.
I love the smell of these cloths, and the paper has little bits of green tea leaves made into the cloths.
The package comes with 100 linen cloths, at a price of 10.00$, you can find cheaper ones at the drugstore, but I personally think they don't work as well, and they don't look pretty. You can find them at ulta, sephora, online, amazon, and the boscia website. They also come out with special edition blotting papers( like peppermint smelling ones) and have special packaging to make the cloths look very pretty in your purse or on your makeup vanity.
Here is a picture of the cloths texture, and special packaging below:
I cannot live without these, I suggest anyone with oily skin/acne prone skin try these out if you can afford it. It is also made for any type of skin that gets shiny and oily.
Thanks for reading friends,
<3 Ash <3