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Apr 4, 2017

I've hit the...

I've officially hit the second trimester of my pregnancy! wooooo! 
I'm 13 weeks today! 

The symptoms are real this week. constipation, lingering nausea, sense of smell, gas, bloating, leg cramps, stretching pains, high sex drive. I have it all! 
It's only going to get worse too. 
I have also noticed my tailbone feeling sore when sitting down, don't know what that's about but...yeah. 
My next OB appt is at 16 weeks! which is 3 weeks from now! I can't believe how fast time is going... wow!
stay tuned for more blogs about my pregnancy as it goes on...

Apr 1, 2017

welcome spring..and other things!

Spring has come again, and with the warmer weather, has come another great gift...


After two failed pregnancies, I have made it to 12 weeks safely and little bean in my belly is growing, moving, and their little heart is beating! Thank God! with a heart beat of 158 beats.

I hope to god that this is my rainbow baby! and that we make it to full term safely with no worries, bumps or mishaps. 

I will try to blog my pregnancy as this might be my One and ONLY pregnancy!  we'll see. 

stay tuned for more,