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Jul 13, 2016

Lush: Ocean Salt

Lush Cosmetics: Ocean Salt Review

I picked up the Lush Ocean Salt in the Lush Life wrapped gift I got at my local lush store for my birthday. My birthday was July 2nd.  I got the small (2.4 oz) pot of Ocean Salt. It is a face and body scrub made with lime juice, avocado butter, and fine and coarse sea salt to exfoliate your skin. 
The ingredients are  fresh and vegetarian.  and I can use this until march 2017. There is vodka, sea salt, grapefruit infusion, avocado butter, coconut oil,seaweed absolute, violet leaf, and lanolin in the mixture. 

The smell is like a margarita and flowers mixed together with a hint of salt. it is not overpowering and is light to not aggravate allergies and sensitive skin. 
This scrub can be a bit much for the face at times, but if you use it gently and don't rub it hard you can exfoliate your face with it. I use this on my face once a week.
 I also use a St. Ives product to exfoliate every other day or so due to my oily/acne prone skin. Especially in the summer time! I get even more oily in the summer and I sweat 50% more. 

I personally love this product a whole lot! I would purchase the big size pot of this, and even subscribe to get one every 60-90 days. The full size pot is 36.00$ for a 8.8 oz pot. 

I love this stuff!!

and here's how it's made:

It gets a A+ from me, and a 5/5 . 

stay tuned for more beauty goodness soon,