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Oct 11, 2016

HUGE! Lush Haul October 2016

HUGE Lush Haul: October 2016

Lush Halloween 2016 collection (Minus Pumpkin bath bomb and Magic Wand soap)

Little Monster Gift Set

Pink Bath Bomb and Serendipity Soap
My Haul Includes: 
Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Pumpkin Bubble bar

Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb

Monster's Ball Bath Bomb

Boo Bath Melt

Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar

Fireside Soap
Butterball Bath Bomb

Big Blue Bath Bomb

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

Pink Bath Bomb

Twilight Bath Bomb
Floating Island Bath Oil

mmm...Melting Marshmellow moments bath oil

Lava Lamp Bath Bomb

Serendipity Soap

Seanik Shampoo Bar

Honey I Washed The Hair Shampoo Bar

I also ordered two Pumpkin Bath Bombs from the UK. but I'm not sure when it will come, but I will post when it does. This is my first uk lush haul. we'll see what happens. 

Stay tuned for more beauty and lushy goodness soon,
also there will be reviews soon!