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Jun 3, 2016

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy: Stress Relief Line Review

B&BW Stress Relief Review
The Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy line has four different categories like sleep, stress relief, energy and sensual. In each category there is different scents to fit the person using them. I got the stress relief line in eucalyptus spearmint. I bought the body wash/foam bath, and the lotion to stack the scents or use individually to help with stress relief.
The scent is very minty to me, it definitely will clear your sinuses if you have a cold, which is an added use right there. It claims to relax you and clear your head, as for that claim I do believe with the hotness of the bath and the aroma that you do relax and the scent does make you clear your mind. I have been using this religiously because I am stressed out from the holidays, work, ect. I absolutely love this stuff now! I love the lotion even more, because it is highly moisturizing and takes care of my dry skin, and makes it baby butt soft. The body wash also moisturizes a little bit too, the combo of both the lotion and body wash stacks a scent that will last all day. I love it soo!!
you can find this line at or at any bath and body works near you!!

If your stressed, get it! It really helps!