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Jun 1, 2016

Lush: Dark Angels Face and Body Cleanser

Lush: Dark Angels Review

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Lush's Dark Angels is a face and body wash/scrub made fresh with rhassoul mud, powdered charcoal, black sugar, avocado oil, sandalwood oil, and rosewood oil.  The mud cleanses, while the charcoal and black sugar deeply clean and scrub your face. Finally the oils smooth and hydrate your skin for great, matte skin. This is mostly made for troublesome skin, acne prone skin, and combination skin types. It is also said to calm and soothe irritated skin and redness.
To use this you take a pea sized amount and make a paste with water, then apply it to your face, neck, and body to deeply clean and mattify your problem areas. Mine are my face, chest, and back. It sloughs off dead skin and make your face feel awesomely clean and hydrated at the same time. It clears up and also dries out my acne, and cleans soo deep it removes black heads and other skin issues.
The scrub on this thing can be kind of harsh on people who are not used to exfoliating their skin a lot, If you used this a couple times a week and use with a gentle hand while putting on your skin you should not have a problem.  if you think it's too harsh you can try Lush's Herbalism, Aqua Marina, or angels on bare skin. 

You can also use this on your acne prone skin on your body, as a scrub for your body, and as a facial treatment. I have used this in those ways many times, and cannot wait to re-purchase one again soon as I have finally hit the bottom of mine. which makes me sad. :(( 

I absolutely love this stuff, and will re-purchase often. The smell isn't that great, like charcoal, but I will survive.
A smaller pot of this stuff is 13.00$ and a larger one is 33.00$ but it is worth every penny to me.
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More lush goodies are coming up soon, stay tuned.