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Jun 1, 2016

Preggie Pops: Preggie Natural Chews

Have you ever had Morning sickness while pregnant???
I have and it sucks hardcore because you can't eat anything or drink anything without dry heaving or throwing up. I have horrible all day nausea.
These are chews that you can suck on to soften up and chew on to help naturally ease your all day sickness. It is at first like a starburst and you chew and swallow the chew to relieve symptoms. They come in 3 flavors ginger, sour raspberry, and green apple. It also contains 10mgs of vitamin b6.
I purchased this 21 piece pack at my local target near the pregnancy tests and stuff. I am in love with this brand and recommend these to anyone who has frequent nausea, vomiting, and even symptoms of pregnancy. This is stuff I need to survive my first trimester.
You can also pick them up on their website.
Stay tuned for more mommy reviews..