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Jun 13, 2016

Garnier Clean+ Shine Control Charcoal Cleanser

Garnier Clean+ Shine Control Gel Cleanser

I picked up this cleanser at my local Target store around April. I got this specific cleanser because it had charcoal in it, and I love my Biore charcoal cleanser, and wanted to compare them together(which will be posted soon).   This product is meant for oily/acne prone skin, and is formulated with charcoal to pull out impurities and dirt. It is also formulated to help with shine and pore size control. It is oil-free . The formula has charcoal powder and menthol. 

You use this like a normal cleanser for your skin. wet your skin, work gel into face, and wash away. You can also use with cleansing devices such as a clarisonic, silicone face scrubber, or konjac sponge. 

I first tried this cleanser instead of my Biore charcoal cleanser, and I love it just as much as my Biore cleanser but maybe a sight bit more. After washing my face, my face felt clean, and free of any excess oils left over from sleeping or throughout the day. It does clean well after wearing makeup all day/night. It does control excess oils, and shine throughout the time after washing your face. I personally love the product for my skin type. 

It has a claim that it makes your skin better and your pores smaller in a week. As for that claim I believe it help your skin look shine free and better after washing. but for the pores and their size, it doesn't work. temporary yes, it helps pore size by cleaning out the dirt and oil from them. For long term results nothing can shrink pore size at all, you just have the pores you have and you have to deal with them. Do not believe any product that says it will fix your pore size forever, it is not a true claim, and is a scam to get you to spend money on it. 

This is a favorite of mine, I totally love this product. You get more, then with the Biore product, more for your money. Yass girl! I love the smell of this product. It works well for oil/acne prone skin. It controls shine/oil. It is part of my Holy grail product. And is in my current skin care routine. 

This gets an A+ and a 5 out of 5 for me!

Here's a link for my review of my Biore charcoal cleanser(

Stay tuned for a comparison on the two cleansers, and more beauty goodness,