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Jun 12, 2016

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil Review

Garnier Fructis Marvelous Oil

I got this product from my fiancee, he had it in his bathroom storage and wasn't using this product, so I  decided to try it on a whim. This product is by Garnier which is a loreal company, and Fructis is a line in the Garnier company. This product is a multi-use hair oil. It is 5 fl oz. and retails for 6.00$ on the Garnier website. (  This hair oil is formulated for frizzy, dry, and unruly hair.  The formula for this oil is a blend of amla, carrot, and jojoba oils. 

on the label it says it is a 5-in-1 hair oil. Here are the ways listed to use this oil:
1.) Pre-shampoo treatment 
2.) Boost Conditioning
3.) Blow dry,/Hot tool Protector
4.) Finishing Oil
5.) Overnight Hair Treatment

I have used this oil in all ways but one, which would be to boost conditioner. So I have used this as a pre-shanpoo treatment, a blow dry/hot tool protector, a finishing oil, and an overnight hair treatment. 

I like the overnight hair treatment, hair treatment, and finishing oil the most out of the bunch. 

My personal favorite way to use this oil is to place it on the bottom half of my hair after getting out of the bath.shower, after I have washed my hair. It's like a leave in treatment, styling, and finishing shine oil. I leave it on for a few days, and then wash out and repeat. 

When I used this as a pre-shampoo treatment my scalp felt good and my hair was good, it just wasn't as clean as I would have liked it, and my hair got greasier faster, but it did make my hair manageable and non frizzy after washing. 

I might try to mix a pump in with my conditioner to see how that works just haven't gotten around to trying it yet. 

I love this product quite a bit. I love what it does for my hair. It untangles, and makes my hair soft, silky smooth, shiny, frizz free, and more manageable.  Plus, it is more affordable then the argan oil hair oils, and whatever oil is in now to put on your everything. Is easy to find at a local store, and you can pick it up while you shop for other stuff. This makes me super happy!!

I love this and would give it an A+ or 5 our of 5 for me. 

stay tuned for more beauty reviews soon,