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Jun 8, 2016

Gillette Venus + Olay Razor

Venus and Olay Razor by Gillette

                                  For smooth, sexy, goddess skin!  

                  Do you want smoother, moisturized, more sexy skin?

I do! I do! 

I received this product through Influenster's VoxBox program, in the Love VoxBox. I was very excited to see this product in the box, since I needed a new one. 

This razor had five blades to get a closer shave, an ergonomic padded handle for a better grip, and the best part is it has a shave gel bar and Olay moisturizer bar on the razor. No need for messy shaving cream. 

I used this immediately the day I got the product, I noticed how the razor glided beautifully across my skin, shaving, laying down shaving gel, and moisturizing all at once. From that moment I was sold on the product. It is wonderful! 

I recommend this to anyone who wants a better, closer shave. It also keeps your skin smoother with the Olay moisturizer in it.

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