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Jun 5, 2016

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Nivea In-Shower Smoothing Body Lotion (for dry skin)

This is a review for Nivea's In-Shower Smoothing Body Lotion for dry skin. There is other types of in-shower lotion for different skin types like very dry skin, normal skin, very, very, dry skin ect. It also has different names under the title like smoothing, hydrating, ect.  I have the one for just dry skin, it is specially made for this skin type with shea butter in it. The dry skin one is the one, with a light blue bottle, and a dark blue bottom/top on it.  

The formula is meant to be put on your body after you wash with soap, and wash it off after applying and your left with soft, smooth, awesome skin afterwards. It is said on the bottle that it lasts 24 + hours, meaning until you take a bath/shower again. It is dermatologist tested. It does have shea butter  in it but that is the only super moisturizing product in it besides glycerin, and other weird chemicals I do not know(I'm not a chemist!). The product that comes out is white in color and feels like a runny, slippery, lotion consistency. 

That said, I do love the product. It does what it is meant for, it does moisturize(very well) and smooths dry skin. As you rub it in it feels like an oily lotion, but once it sits for a second or two it starts sinking in and absorbing, the stuff that doesn't totally absorb gets washed off(which can make your tub/shower a bit slippery, so be careful if you put it near your feet or drop some on the floor of the tub/shower). I used this in the winter in Minnesota, so think like -15 below sometimes in the winter here. For us minnesotan's it means dry, flaky, cracked, irritated skin everywhere!! It worked to calm my skin down, hydrate very well, and repair it when used with a gentle, moisturizing body wash/soap. 

I am in love with this stuff and it is one of the few things that you wash off and go on with life, other brands make you wait in the shower for a few minutes after washing your body and after putting the lotion on, Nivea's product doesn't. It saves a big step of slathering on lotion after you get out of the bath/shower. which in turn saves time! and yay! for more time!

This gets an A+ from me, just wish it didn't have a whole lot of other chemicals inside. maybe a bit more eco friendly, and with more natural products maybe. But I'll use it, because I love it!

you can pick up a bottle at your local target, walmart, drugstores, grocery stores, amazon, ect.

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