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Jun 1, 2016

Lush: Godiva Shampoo Bar

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Lush Godiva Shampoo Bar Review

This is a review for the Godiva shampoo bar by lush cosmetics. It is a solid bar of shampoo and hair softening goodness with a great jasmine scent. This bar uses nut oils and cocoa butter chunks to both cleanse and moisturize, a two in one.  This bar is specifically made for dry, damaged, and over processed hair.
This does contain sulfates, to lather your hair clean, so it's not the best for colored hair. However I did find it less color draining then normal shampoo and conditioner.
These are very travel friendly, at 1.9 oz. of solid shampoo, and with the tin you keep it nicely tucked away. The only down side of the tin is it keeps the water inside the bar, so the bar is mushy now as you can see in the bottom picture.
To use when mushy I take a small piece or pieces and rub at my scalp and hair to lather and clean my hair.
This lasts forever, wayy longer then a bottle of shampoo!
I love the smell of this bar, and will re-purchase and even try more because it is a very cool idea to use a solid bar of shampoo. I love it!
This product gets an A-, but still great! a must buy if you want to try lush products.
Check out Lush Here!!
you can get Godiva for 12.00$