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Jun 5, 2016

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips Review

Birch bloggers by Birchbox sent me a message on twitter saying I get to try this out for my post Minnesota winter chapped skin and lips. I was excited to receive this product and try it out on my poor chapped, flaky, peeling lippies. They were in need of a good moisturizing/ healing product. The packaging and the box is soo cute, and I love the little cartoons on the box. I almost wanted to keep the box to save the cuteness. :)
The product is packaged in a squeeze tube, for easy application of the product. The tube comes with .507 fl oz. of product in it, and it has no offensive smells or colors, in fact it has no smell at all. The formula of the product is a thick gooey lanolin based product, that stays put when you place it on any dry, chapped, and flaky skin.  It is very, very moisturizing, and has medical based lanolin in it as the main ingredient. The ingredients are all natural , which is 100% totally natural. No chemicals and is hypoallergenic.
This product would be good to put on any place on the body that needs very deep moisturizing or anti- chapping, You can put this on your lips anytime during the night or day if you please, or you can use it when your sleeping to wake up with soft, smooth lippies.
You can also use this on your body anywhere that needs a lot of moisture or protection, but I would use this at night with clothes over the area or with the covers over it so it stays put more.
The tube is a dark grey color with white writing and a pink box border around the name. It says it is great for lips, nipples, cuticles, nails, feet, and any other irritated skin. The product was originally made for nursing mother's to protect their nipples while breastfeeding, so it has to be good anywhere. Lol! I haven't tried it there yet, but maybe I will someday.
I love this stuff, and it is great for my profession, because I am a nurse and I work in a nursing home. You need natural smelling products or odorless so they don't bug sensitive people.
You can find this product at here: and is 14.50$ for a full size tube. You can also find it on amazon, and
I'd like to thank Birchbox for supporting this review and this giveaway! I'm very excited to have my first giveaway, and more will be coming soon. stay tuned people. Go Birchbloggers!

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