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May 15, 2016

B&BW: London Tea and Lemon Candle! My Favorite Candle EVER!


Favorite Candle Ever: London Tea & Lemon 

This is my favorite candle ever made! It's the Bath and Body Works London Tea & Lemon scented candle, and it is the best ever. This candle is totally my own personal candle made just for me. I love tea and this candle is THE "SHIT" . It smells like sweet black tea, and a twist of lemony goodness. I love smelling it just when it's sitting open on my bedside table, but I also use a candle warmer to preserve the candle and use it over and over again without burning it. it's great to get the smell of a candle without burning it. Sometimes I do love the light a candle puts off, and I burn it, but rarely do I do it because I want to save the candle and keep it forever, in case they never bring it back.
if anyone got me everything in this scent I would love them forever. This is my favorite candle ever!!