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May 12, 2016

Pop Beauty: Aqua Laquer- Flowering Fuchsia

Here is the Pop Beauty aqua laquer in the color flowering fuchsia, it is a darker hot pink color. The size is .34oz.  The texture of this gloss is a bit stickier then other glosses, and it reminds me of the texture of warmed honey. The gloss smells slightly minty, which I don't mind at all, it's not overpowering, but you can smell it. I like minty smelling/feeling glosses during the fall and winter months, it's refreshing.
The unique thing about this gloss is the wand, it is a flexable "Paddle" like applicator. It does scoop up enough product to cover your lips, and I find it is easy to apply on my upper lip because my lips are slightly rounded on top. This wand is unlike anything I have seen before, and it is kind of refreshing to see people trying different things to a product.
The color is very pretty, it is a sheerer pink on your lips, but it makes my lips look shiny and like I just ate a fruity Popsicle. I really love this gloss! I have worn it frequently, and keep using it because it is soo pretty, and it moisturizes my lips and stays on longer then normal lip glosses. It has jojoba oil in it to deeply moisturize your lips, while providing a sheer color. This is perfect for spring. I personally think the color is great for my pale skin, and cooler undertones. I also think it makes your teeth look whiter, which is a plus. because it is sheer I think it can work on almost every skin tone, from pale to deeper skin tones.
I will try to find more of these to keep in my lipgloss collection. The full size is .34 oz for 14.00$ and you can find it on, ulta, and, or wherever pop beauty items are sold.
have you tried these? what is your favorite lip gloss? let me know! I'd love to see what you lovies are wearing on your lips.
<3 Ash