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May 13, 2016

Michael Todd True organics: Pumpkin Face Mask

I got this little trial tube in my March birchbox. The march birchbox was a good birchbox for me, I had kinda crappy ones before that, so I was delighted to get this in my box. I have seen many youtube makeup guru's use michael todd product lines and rave about them, and I was very interested in the organic lines because I think less chemicals would help my acne and semi-sensitive skin in the winter.
I have seen the michael todd trial sets, and I want to try the oily/combo/acne skin kit. Which I probably will try once I get a real paycheck. But until then I get to try this face mask, which I actually love!
this face mask has pumpkin and glycolic acid to exfoliate and clean and clear deep down into your pores to maintain clear skin. it also brightens dull skin, and reduces bacteria on the face.
so when I first put this on I was weirded out because it was like literally putting pumpkin pie filling on your face as a face mask, the color is like a pumpkin pie color. But after i got used to the color, the mask started kind of tingling and heating up a bit on my face, which actually felt like a spa treatment to my face. It goes away when it starts drying. Then when I washed it off my skin was glowy, clean, poreless, and soo soo smooth. I love this face mask a lot. I have used it 3 times since I got it, and I will purchase a full size of this mask.
The full size: is 3.4oz for 34.00$