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May 13, 2016

Chella Liquid Eyeliner-Indigo Blue

This is the chella liquid eyeliner in indigo blue. It has a felt tip and the formula is liquidy at first, and then drys fast. The formula also is a bit water resistant, but washes off with makeup remover, face soap, and water. I like to remove most of my makeup with a makeup remover face wipe, then wash with my normal cleanser.
The only two peeves I have about this eyeliner is one, the felt tip is very, very long and you can get it all over your eye, and two, the pen has dried up a bit since I opened it last month, so I'm not sure how long this will stay liquidy.
I love the color, it gives my eyes a bit of pop with a great neutral eye, or alone with the pop of just eyeliner and mascara. 
If you have a chance to try this I would, but you could find a nice drugstore product or a sephora one to replace this. I would find one with a shorter pen length, because I am clumsy.
stay tuned for more reviews, looks, stories, and general life shenanigans.
<3 Ash <3