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May 12, 2016

Leaders Insolution Vita bright Sheet Mask

Here is my review/overview of the Leader's Insolution vita bright sheet mask. I got mine from the site which carries asian/korean skincare, makeup, and lifestyle items.
The leader's insolution masks cost about 1.00$ -1.80$ a piece, and you can get a starter pack (to try them all out) for 15$-16$. I picked the vita bright mask because I get freckles when i'm out in the sun and my skin tone has been very uneven. This mask works well for these skin issues.  
This mask claims to even skin tone, brighten skin, smooth skin, and help with dark spots. It has a cottony mask filled with serum to put on your face and let it sit for 20-30 mins. to get the best results. I put this on and watched some youtube videos while waiting for the mask to do it's thing. After the 20-30 mins. I took the sheet mask off and my skin was:
-Smoother. My dry, flaky skin was removed, and my face was very smooth.
- Moisturized. My skin was very moisturized, with no dry skin in sight. 
- Brighter. My skin seemed to have a glow, and seemed brighter. 
- Dark spots were minimized, My acne spots, and freckles were lightened and brightened to where you almost couldn't see them. They still are today, when i'm writing this.
Overall this face mask worked very well on my skin, and made my skin look wayyy better, then what it did before, I am in love with this mask so far, and will definitely repurchase these in bulk. 
I <3 it!! A Whole Lot!
It gets an A/ A+
What do you think of these types of masks? Have you tried these? Leave a comment and let me know! I'd also love recommendations from everyone on great masks! 
stay tuned for more sheet mask reviews/overviews. 
Vita bright sheet mask