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May 12, 2016

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Facial Wash

The Body Shop: Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

I bought this face wash in a kit with the other tea tree line at a t.j.maxx. It came with this face wash, a toner, a moisturizer, and a spot treatment. I had recently suffered from more acne due to stress and hormones, and blackheads and clogged pores due to sweating. I thought I would try tea tree to help gently get rid of my acne and skin problems.
Tea Tree has been known to be an antiseptic and an antimicrobial that helps with skin problems, MRSA, and even scalp issues like dandruff.
After using this my acne spots and other skin problems were dried up, shrunk, and on the way to healing. I use this when my skin needs the tea tree oil to help with skin issues, and I use the whole line including the spot treatment at night. I would really suggest this line if you have tried other acne products and they didn't exactly work well on you. It can be a bit drying, but not as much as benzoyl peroxide or other acne clearing medications.
You can also use this cleanser with a clairisonic for an even deeper clean. It is oil free, and also great to use everyday if needed.
You can purchase this face wash at,, ulta and body shop stores, t.j. maxx, and amazon. It runs about 12.00$ normally for a full size bottle (8.4 fl oz.) but it is 40 percent off (7.20$) right now. check it out!
until next time, Have a great night.