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May 16, 2016

Eclos: Daily Facial Cleansing Oil Review


Eclos: Daily Facial Cleansing Oil

Eclos is a secondary brand on the freeman beauty company website. The brand is an anti-aging brand with special apple stem cells in it. I got a sample of the daily facial cleansing oil with my purchase of all the face masks from freeman beauty. the full size is  5 oz. for 11.00$. This has ingredients like argan, olive, kukui nut, and sesame oils. This uses oils to cleanse your skin and remove makeup.  it is soap free and doesn't strip your skin of it's necessary oils.
To use you put on a semi-wet or dry face to remove the night's makeup, dirt, and oil. Mix with water and cleanse your face, then wash well with water. Dry and continue with your skin regimen. This works just like other cleansing oils, that are now popular and are used everywhere by everyone.  If you haven't tried one I would try it to easily remove your heavy water-proof makeup at night, with no tugging or pulling your face. It's kind of like Dermalogica Pre-Cleanse.  Here
Its great for balancing, cleansing, and regulating your skin. Can be used by all skin types.
It works similar and just as well as the Dermalogica brand oil.  It can be found at the freeman beauty website Here
stay tuned for more reviews soon,