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May 12, 2016

SoftCup Review

The Soft Cup Menstrual Cup
Are you tired of sitting in liquid with pads during your period? Are you sick of tampons drying you out after your period? Sick of changing menstrual products every 4-5 hours? The softcup menstrual cup is for you! It doesn't hurt, and is a greener way to have your period.
The softcup is a cup that sits at the base of your cervix to collect menstrual blood in a toxic free, cleaner way to have your period. It is folded in half and inserted into the vagina and locks in around your cervix to collect your period. Not only is it toxic shock free, reuseable, easy to use, but it is non drying, and a safer and greener way to have your periods. You can also wear the cup up to 12 hrs at a time with no leaks!!! You can wear it swimming, doing sports, overnight for long periods and even during sex.
To take the cup out you very carefully put your finger under the rubber ring of the cup and pull off of the cervix and out of the vagina to dump the cup out. It is great for knowing your cycle and knowing your body better. You can wash the cup with hot water and antibacterial soap and towel dry and put back in for the remainder of your cycle.
I've been using these for 4+ years. I love them to death and will not go back to tampons and pads. I even thought about getting a real menstrual cup for periods for the rest of my life. I would recommend these over any other product anytime. It is great for heavy and light periods and can get a bit messy, but not as much as pads and leaking and such. I Will Not Go Back Ever!! love It So.
For more info or to buy you can go to , Google, Amazon, or eBay to look up products and prices. It was 6.00$ for a 12 pack of cups. If you would like to recommend cups or anything please don't hesitate to email me or comment.