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May 19, 2016

Freeman Beauty: Goji Berry Hydration Face Mask


Freeman Beauty: Goji Berry Hydration Mask Review

This is a review for Freeman Beauty's goji berry hydration mask. This is a face mask that is designed to hydrate, re-balance and soothe stressed and dehydrated skin. It has Goji berry extract, chamomile extract, and avacado oil in it. I got the travel size of the mask which is .5 oz and is good for 2-4 uses. the price is 2.00$ for a travel size packet.
The interesting thing about this mask is the mask is a gel/cream mixture and you put it on your skin, and it sinks in while your wearing it, then you wash off what is left of the mask and your left with soft and silky skin. It does a really good job at hydrating and balancing your skin.
I would re-purchase this mask in the summer and winter to help sunburnt/sun damaged skin, or wind burnt, chapped skin on your face. It is a great Mask! You have to try if you have dry skin.
You can buy it Here!
Stay Hydrated,