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May 15, 2016

Sephora Brand: Rose Eye Mask

Sephora brand:Rose Eye Mask

I purchased the rose eye mask and two other masks yesterday at Sephora, and they were 6$ each.  The mask is a fiber sheet mask. The eye mask kinda fits wonky on my small eyes, but I made it work out(picture below). I picked the rose mask for hydrating, moisturizing and brightening my under eye area, as I have under eye circles as dark as they come.
As for results after putting on the mask my under eyes were more moisturized, and my skin was toned and plump from the eye mask. There was a slight brightening of my under eye circles, but nothing drastic. It's great for a pick me up, or an at home spa pampering, but I would use with a good eye cream to help lighten dark circles. It would be great for under eye bags as the mask is very cooling and helps your eyes feel refreshed.