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May 3, 2016

May 1st

May 1st is national bereaved mother's day.
As a bereaved mother it hurts the most on a holiday when you honor mothers, but many are still grieving and seeing people doing things you had seen in your mind when you were carrying the child/children.
I grieve every day for my child I carried, and it's very hard for people to understand the deep hurt it gives, and makes your previous ptsd,anxiety,depression, and other mental disorders worse and even unbareable. 
It's hard for me now to hear of people aborting unwanted babies, it hurts and I want my baby back.
I also don't agree with how cold and uncaring doctors and obgyn people are when you are faced with losing a child/children, the only one who showed some remorse was the ultrasound tech. The doctor didn't even acknowledge it as a baby/fetus. It makes me mad and sad to no end.
That's all for right now, had to get it off my chest. Thanks