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May 6, 2016

Game Of The Month: May 2016

Games Of The Month: May 2016

I've been playing these games this month so far. Having a fallout blowout recently. Tons of fun!

Fallout 3

Fallout 4 

Fallout recently released 2 new downloaded content packs(DLC) for fallout 4 players. Luckily, I got mine with the season pass when we pre-ordered it. 
~ Wasteland Workshop~
Released April 12, 2016
With this DLC add on you can build traps to catch animals in the wasteland. You can capture and battle your little minions. There's also a whole new line of things you can add on to buildings with like cool lighting and taxidermy.


Released March 22, 2016
With this DLC add on you get a new quest line added to the game. It has to do with robots and you can even make your own robots. 

Theres one more DLC coming out this month. The 19th, so soon. which is called Far Harbor and is a story add on to extend the game. 
I cannot wait! 
That's what I am currently playing this month. Stay tuned for more game goodness,