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May 17, 2016

Freeman Beauty:Golden Grain Brightening Face Mask Review

This is the Freeman Facial Brightening Mask with Golden Grain. This mask is designed for all skin types leaning toward drier skin and is used for brightening, hydrating, upping moisture and firming.  I got the full size 6 0z. tube for 5.00$ on their direct website. It has vitamin c, banana extract,coconut extract, ginger extract, papaya extract, raspberry extract, and sandalwood extract ( Why? I don't know). This is a normal Leave on for 10-20 mins. then wash off mask.
A weird part of the mask is it has golden flecks in it, which looks cool when it's on your skin, it makes your skin glow. but goes away when you wash it off. I'm not sure if it's the "golden grain" or if it's just pigment put into the mask, but it's a nice little add on.
After washing off the mask my skin did feel firmer, more hydrated, and glowy, like my skin was lit from within. It did lighten my acne scars and spots slightly, and with weekly use it might help more. I loved how plump and firm my skin felt.
This mask gets a B, for how my skin felt. but I could do without it. it's a great treat for a spa night/day at home.