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May 12, 2016

The Body Shop: Satsuma Body Gift Set

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The Body shop's Satsuma Gift Set
I got this set at TJ Maxx for a christmas present for myself, as I like to take baths a lot and smell good. I've also always wanted to try the body shop's products, so a discounted gift set works for me any day.
The set contains:
A Mini Satsuma Shower Gel (2.0 fl Oz)
A mini Satsuma Body Scrub (2.5 fl Oz)
A Mini Satsuma Body Butter (1.69 fl Oz) 
And a mini bath pouf that is an orange color. 
The scent is an orangey clementine scent that doesn't smell like household cleaners(Thank god), it smells like your putting fresh fruit on your body. It uplifts you and makes you happy. I love it. I am also loving all the mini's in this lit so far, might need to buy the full ones.
you can find these products at ulta, the body shop stores, or .
Keep bathing beauties,