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May 12, 2016

Otaku Whitening Sheet Mask

Here is the otaku Whitening sheet mask . I wrote what each one was because it was in unreadable (to me) Korean, Chinese, or Japanese.  i used this last week after using another whitening mask to tone down my freckles from the sun and the unevenness in my skin. 
This sheet mask has a film cover on it to keep the mask moist, and shaped. The leaders insolution doesn't have this, it just has the mask. So you have to peel the plastic off the face mask and try not to rip the sheet mask. (I'm clumsy!) I succeeded in getting it on without ripping it, until i went to fix it to pull it higher on my forehead. I put it back in place and it was fine. 
I left the mask on for 20-30 mins. while i read, and watch youtube gurus.When I took it off my skin was glowy, moisturized, and my freckles and acne scars were diminished. I personally like the leader's insolution one better, but this will do. They both do the same thing, and I got the results I wanted (knowing you can't erase them totally). I would use this if I didn't have the leader's mask, and I would give it a great review. 
This gets a B+ - A- 
Have you tried this? do you like sheet masks?  try this one! 
You can get otaku masks at or or wherever you get sheet masks!