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May 12, 2016

Softlips Cube 5-in-1 Lip Balm


Soft Lips Cube in Pomegranate Blueberry

I picked this up before I left on vacation in june of last year, I needed a lip balm with sun screen in it to protect my lips from the searing desert sun. I got the flavor pomegranate blueberry, which smells fruity and good enough to eat (But don't do it).The balm is said to hydrate with shea butter to restore moisture, replenishes with vitamins a,c and e. it is also said to smooth lips and add shine with out being sticky/goopy. The spf in this balm is spf 15, which is a minimum these days.
I really like this stuff, after the first day I felt myself reaching for it more and more to fix and protect my lips from the sun when I was on vacation. My lips didn't burn once, which was awesome because I spent some good time under the sun. I would recommend this to people who want smooth lips and sun protection at the same time. This is a must have for summer in my book. I love it and would repurchase it often.
And can a say the packaging is cool, way better then the EOS sphere lip balms, which is a favorite also. It looks like an ice cube, with lip balm stuck in the middle. I like it!
You can find these lip balms at drugstores, target, walmart, and online everywhere. it also comes in two other flavors, mint and vanilla bean.
Here's a link to the website: Soft Lips Cube
Love It! 
It gets an A+ in my book
Stay hydrated and protected people,