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May 12, 2016

It's A 10+Keratin

This is a review for It's a 10 + Keratin miracle leave in conditioner.  This product is a leave in conditioner with ten benefits to it, plus the keratin to help strengthen your hair.
The ten benfits of this product are:
- keratin to strengthen your hair
- increases styling, and managability
-  good for all hair types
- replaces lost protein
- protects keratin in hair
- protects against heat
- restores hydration
- detangles, de frizzes, and adds shine
- strengthens hair
- seals the cuticle of your hair and smooths hair.
The it's a ten +Keratin is a leave in hair treatment, that you can out on wet hair or dry hair to receive the many benefits listed above, to keep hair healthy, manageable, and frizz free. i got this as a full-size sample when we went shopping at ulta during their special 28 days of beauty or something like that. I honestly don't shop much at ulta because their rewards program is shit! Literally! but I do every so often. I think this retails for 20$ which is a bit high for a leave in conditioner(For Me) but I got it free, so who cares! Lol! :)

I do really like this stuff. I use this after I shower and I want to straighten my hair, or use a hot tool on it. I also use this when I want manageable hair after I wash it, it gets tangles easily, and when I use this it makes un-tangling easy.  The claim of it adding shine, and de- frizzing is true, it does both very well. My hair does feel smoother after using this product on it. My only problem is during the summer my hair get very oily/greasy and I do have a fine hair type, so this adds a bit too much product for my hair in the summer, but any other season this would be perfect.  My hair is longer now, and I need a leave in conditioner to keep my hair semi-healthy(Even though I dye it). I would repurchase this product, and even the other ones from this brand. It is worth the hype, and the price.

I would give it a b+ - A-

<3 Ashley <3